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Our tools

We have a lot of tools to take your marketing to the next level!

Email Scraper
Email Scraper is a part of the Data Grabber. It lets you get emails of targeted users followers on Instagram. Great for finding new clients.
Data Grabber
Data Grabber lets you get all kinds of data from targeted accounts, for example, emails, phone numbers, addresses, etc. Perfect for getting colds leads.
Follower Grabber
Follower Grabber lets you get all the followers of a person on Instagram. That data can later be used for the Data Grabber. You can use it for free.
Hashtag Grabber
With the new Web Version we, have released the Hashtag Grabber. It is perfect for easily finding people interested in a particular niche.
Following Grabber
Following Grabber is similar to the Follower Grabber, but instead of grabbing the users following it grabs the users that the account is following.
Engagement Scraper COMING SOON
We are soon releasing a tool to scrape usernames from engagement. For example, you can soon start getting usernames from persons who have liked a photo, etc.

How does it work ?

Discover how it works

Find niche
Before scraping data you need to think of a niche that your ideal customers or business partners would be interested in e.g dog food.
Get usernames
Before you can start finding data you need to find usernames who are interested in your niche, use the Follower Grabber and the Hashtag Grabber for that.
Get the data
After you have got usernames of the people that are interested in your niche you can start scraping data, emails, phone numbers, URL's, etc. Use the Data Grabber for that.

Video tutorial

Our team has made step by step tutorials for our customers to follow. Watch the video tutorial to get started fast. When encountering errors make sure to contact us through the livechat, we are happy to help you!


Our happy customers !

Testimonial Beard Client

Firstly, I just wanted to say thanks for the creation of ! It has helped me tremendously in all my Ecom businesses, there isn't a better Instagram scraper out there!

Adam Bradley

Project Manager

Testimonial Indian Client

InstaPrimed is the absolute game changer for scraping emails from Influencers and other Businesses! It has helped me find a lot of clients, finding leads isn't a problem for me any more!

Ali Madad


Testimonial Young Client

I was searching for a tool like this for an Instagram email scraper for months! Glad that I finally found one that works great, there is no tool in the market like InstaPrimed, absolutely amazing!

Joel Zimmerman

Head of Sales