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Are you looking to scrape emails from Instagram but don't have a tool compatible?

InstaPrimed has a powerful multi-threaded Instagram email scraper which can extract email addresses directly from the Instagram mobile versions "Email" button. With InstaPrimed there are no proxies required, everything is managed by our servers.

Instagram emails have become the most important source of quality cold leads for influencer marketing and also for Instagram/Facebook lookalike audience building.

There are a few other Instagram scraping tools out there but they are all hard to use, not reliable and extremely expensive compared to InstaPrimed. We have focused on making this available for everyone. With a simple user interface and step-by-step tutorials, you can get started extracting Instagram emails in minutes.

Before extracting the emails you first need to find usernames of people that are interested in your product or service. With other similar services, there are no tools included for you to do that, therefore, you would have to find a different tool for that and pay for two different services just to get one working.

With InstaPrimed there is no such problem! We have made many tools to make it extremely easy for you to get the usernames of the people you would like to scrape. For that, you can use our Follower Grabber, Hashtag Grabber or the new Following Grabber. Using them is extremely easy, for the Follower and Following Grabber, simply enter in the accounts username whose followers or following you would like to get. For the Hashtag Grabber just enter the hashtag that your ideal customers or business partners would be interested in. We are also currently developing a way to scrape data from Instagram engagement. That includes scraping usernames of people who have liked, commented or engaged with an Instagram post in any sort of way.

The email scraper is a part of our Data Grabber tool. With the scraped emails comes all sorts of other data: the accounts phone number, username, full name, biography, follower count, following count, media count, website URL, Instagram category, address street, ZIP code and the latitude and longitude of the user's account. With that kind of information, you can reach out to your future customers in the most ideal way for your company.

Scraping emails from Instagram has never been easier, if you wish to take your social media marketing to the next level then make sure to check out InstaPrimed today to get your first 50 emails for free!

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